Editor: Don Turnbull

Issues: 1 - 50 (July 1969 - January 75)

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Famous as the first ever Diplomacy zine published in the UK, issue 1 appearing on 2nd July 1969. Don had contacts with the US hobby through his wargaming interests as so started Albion with a small readership taken from the Avalon Hill International Kriegspiel Society (AHIKS). The zine too quite a while to really get going and for some time circulation stayed in the 20's. After issue 21 Don put all the Diplomacy games into a separate zine called Courier and issue 23 carried the news that Don had finally discovered War Bulletin, the second Dip zine in the UK. As time went on Albion had a longer and longer turnaround and the contents become more wargames orientated (Diplomacy being confined to Courier). Don planned the fold at issue 50, the final issue being 109 pages long with 17 separate articles and three complete games in separate supplements.

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