Cut & Thrust


Editor: Derek Wilson and Glyn Roberts

Issues 9 -   (November 1982 - )

Zine Poll: (1983)16th; (1984) 6th; (1985) 10th; (1986) 16th; (1987) 3rd; (1988) 4th; (1989) 11th; (1990) 6th; (1991) 10th; (1992) 12th; (1993) 3rd; (1994) 8th; (1995) 10th; (1996) 16th

Started life as an En Garde game in The Tinamou, was then a subzine in Ripping Yarns and went independent when RY disappeared (hence issue 9 was the first independent issue). Broadened its appeal by running various boardgames apart from En Garde, and established an early reputation for game reviews. Early issues of C&T were a true partnership with Glyn writing the editorials and game reviews, while Derek managed the zine. Tragedy struck in March 1988 with Glynís sudden death. Cut & Thrust continued much as before, the use of reliable external GMs and other contributors together with the fact that it was a visually attractive zine has made a notable success. For a time Dane Maslen co-edited C&T with Derek (Nos. 132 Ė 153).

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