Editor: Don Turnbull

Issues 1 - 242  (October 1970 - April 1987)

Zine Poll: 1973 13th; 1974 11th; 1975 14th; 1976 17th; 1978 24th; 1979 21st; 1980 20th; 1981 28th

Started as a companion zine to Albion No.22 onwards to run Albionís Diplomacy games. Although in time games other than Diplomacy were run, Courier was only ever games reports, no chat at all. Courier continued even after Albion was long gone, though it became less reliable towards the end. The last issue I have is No. 242 from April 1987, by which time there were no games of Diplomacy running, only a couple of games of Rail Baron. I would love to know if there were any more issues after that.

Issue 1; Issue 237; Issue 242