Editor: Ian Harris

Issues: 1 - (July 1991 - onwards)

Zine Poll: 1991 19th; 1992 14th; 1993 24th; 1994 18th; 1995 24th; 1996 18th; 1999 =15th

After a bit of a false start when the zine was called Blood & Iron, but then changed to Borealis when it was pointed out that Lew Pulsipher had already used that name, Borealis soon settled down to the "small, friendly and irregular" label which has dogged it ever since. The "Toolbox" section of the zine, where people discuss odd ideas for variants or even new concepts for whole games is an original touch. It's remained a small circulation zine, but with an intimate feel to it and Ian has a talent for writing entertainingly about everyday life.

Issue 54