Bolshevik Star

Editor: John Lettice and Gordon Neilson

Issues 1-12 (July 1973 - May 1974)

Zine Poll: 1974 16th

Possibly the messiest and most illegible zine of all time, it was also the first Scottish Diplomacy zine. John even forgot to number it from issue 2 to issue 11, and often he even forgot to include the name of the zine. The first 7 issues were spirit duplicated and have faded badly. Non-games content was small, but quite a few games were started, several variants. Although Bolshevik Star is usually credited to John Lettice, Gordon Neilson appears to have been a co-editor - they were both based in Dundee, but Lettice took over most of the running when he started at St. Andrews. When the first variant-only zine, Variety, folded it joined BS as a sub-zine from issue 8. BS did not fold neatly.

Issue 1; Issue 2; Issue 3; Issue 4; Issue 5; Issue 6; Issue 7; Issue 8; Issue 9; Issue 10; Issue 11; Issue 12; [fold]