Editor: Mick Haytack

Issues 1 -   (August 1987 - )

Zine Poll: 1988 15th; 1989 23rd; 1990 12th; 1991 11th; 1992 8th; 1993 14th; 1994 14th; 1995 19th; 1996 17th;

A zine which has changed very little from its first issue. Reliable multi-games zine, though mainly taken up by game reports, so there's little time for chat. Renowned for popular music quizzes. Alan Harvey has assisted since the beginning and Paul Holgate's sub-zine has reached 70+ issues. Bloodstock, like Hopscotch was part of the bedrock of the postal games hobby in the 90's.

Issue 161; Issue 162; Issue 163; Issue 164; Issue 165