The UK Diplomacy Zine Archive

All of these zines are amateur publications with print runs from single figures to a couple of hundred, with 50-60 being the average. Probably most of the originals have long since been thrown away. This is an attempt to preserve them before they are lost forever. If you think you may be able to assist in finding any of the missing zines, please take a look at the list of known gaps. I would be happy to pay any costs and would be grateful for photocopies or originals.

Alternatively, if you were the publisher of any of these zines and you object to them being available in this way, please email me and I will remove them from the site.


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Ad Nauseam (Steve Pratt)


Albion (Don Turnbull)
  Armistice Day (Stephen Agar)

Bellicus (Will Haven)
  Betelgeuse (Greg Hawes)
  Bloodstock (Mick Haytack)
  Bolshevik Star (John Lettice and Gordon Neilson)
  Borealis (Ian Harris)
  Bron Yr Aur (Pete Lindsay)
Chimaera (Clive Booth)


Courier (Don Turnbull)
  The Cunning Plan (Neil Duncan)
  Cut & Thrust (Derek Wilson and Glyn Roberts)
Dib Dib Dib (Tom Tweedy)


Dolchstoss (Richard Sharp)
Eclipsor (Paul Willey)


Ethil the Frog (John Piggott)

Fall of Eagles (Richard Hucknall)
  Ferkin (Mike Jervis)
  Fifth Column (Richard Scott)
  The Fool Plays On (Malcolm Brown)
  Fortis Est Rana (John Piggott)
  For Whom The Die Rolls (Keith Thomasson)
Gallimaufry (Steve Doubleday)
  Greatest Hits (Pete Birks)
  Griffin (Keith Thomasson)
Hannibal (Andrew Herd)
  Here We Go Again (Stephen Agar)
  Hobby News (John Dodds & Chris Tringham)
  Hopscotch (Alan Parr)
League of the Last Days (Stephen Agar)
  Little Imp (Richard Walkerdine)
  Lokasenna (Brian Dolton)
Mad Policy (Richard Walkerdine)
  Megalomania (Chris Tringham)
  Mission from God (Various)
  Mr Gladgrind (John Miller)
1901 and all that... (Mick Bullock)
Obsidian (Alex Richardson)
  Ode (John Marsden)
  Outbreak of Heresy (Nick Kinzett)
Pendulum (John Coombe)
  Pigmy (Stephen Agar)
  Prisoners of War (Wallace Nicoll)
Queens Lane Advertiser (Jeremy Tullett)
Ratadan (Rob Mulholland)
  Retief (Craig Nye)
Slap and Tickle (Chris Spall)
  Smodnoc (Toby Harris)
  Spring Offensive (Stephen Agar)
  Sprouts of Wrath (Mark Wightman)
The Tangerine Terror (Howard Bishop)
  The Tangled Web We Weave (Stephen Agar)
  The Thing On The Mat (Pete Doubleday)
  Turn of the Screw (Greg Hawes)
Up Around The Bend (Haz Bond)
Variable Pig (Jim Reader; Steve Guest)
  Variants & Uncles (Stephen Agar)
  Vidi Veni Vici (Brian Frew)
  Vienna (Richard Egan)

War Bulletin (Hartley Patterson)
  Where Is My Mind? (David Oya)
  The White Cat (John Wilman)
  To Win Just Once (Paul Evans)
  Miscellaneous Flyers etc.