About this Site

This site was started by me, Stephen Agar, on 22nd September 2008 as an appropriate way to preserve the UK Diplomacy Zine Archive which has been built up by myself and others since the early 80's.

Back in 1981 Richard Walkerdine thought it would be a good idea to try any collect together a comprehensive archive of all that had gone before. Starting off with his own considerable collection and that of Mick Bullock, Richard managed to assemble a large archive which he passed on to Andy Bate in 1988. Andy added to the collection, but it is fair to say that with the disappearance of Andyís zine, Froggy, it soon became out of date.

In 1994 Nick Kinzett gave me his collection of mostly 80ís zines, so I set about building his collection into a backup archive, receiving much help from Richard Sharp, Chris Tringham, Geoff Challinger, Pete Birks, Jeremy Tullett and others. Extra assistance was received from the USA when Walt Buchanan agreed to repatriate the UK zines from the Hoosier Archives, which included a complete set of Albion, the first British Diplomacy zine. In the summer of 1996 Andy agreed to hand over the old Hobby Archives so the two collections could be merged. Since then I have tried my best to keep it up to date (though the last audit was done in 2003) and I am still updating the catalogue and trying to identify gaps.

If you think you may be able to assist in finding any of the missing zines, please take a look at the list of known gaps. I would be happy to pay any costs and would be grateful for photocopies or originals. Alternatively, if you were the publisher of any of these zines and you object to them being available in this way, please email me and I will remove them from the site.